AIB has a great new promotion that could be hugely beneficial to your club. Simply put, when a person switches or purchases a new AIB Home Insurance policy, the club they nominate receives €50. So, that could mean €500 for every 10 policy nominations your club receives.

If you’re Interested in getting your club involved, there’s just a few simple steps to complete in order to get your club registered:
1. Go to and complete the ‘Register my Club’ online form.
2. Spread the word of the promotion to your supporters using the posters and flyers in the pack that came with this letter.
And here’s all your club members and supporters have to do:
1. Purchase a new home insurance policy in branch, online or by phone.
2. Complete the ‘Reward my Club’ form online at

There is no money limit per club – so the more €50 nominations you receive the better!
Payments to clubs will take place from March 2017 with only those policies that have remained active for three months or more qualifying for the payment.
It’s a simple promotion that not only helps your supporters insure their homes, but helps them support the future of their club.
Included with this letter is a promotional pack containing posters and flyers to put up in your club or to distribute to your club members and supporters. In addition, we can also provide images for your club’s social platforms.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your local branch to discuss this offer further.